Measurement (2D - 3D)

Measurement (2D - 3D)

PIROBOTIK Measure is a ready-made solution that can be used in almost any measurement application that uses camera measurement techniques.

The system is a complete solution consisting of a camera, lighting module, input/output module, and software components. Like all of our image processing applications, it can also include features such as saving and reporting results, monitoring, providing 5-24 V digital output, security, and authorization.

The general features of our "PIROBOTIK Measure" measurement application include the ability to connect multiple cameras, sub-pixel accuracy, measurement accuracy of up to 10 microns, object automatic recognition, matching, and aligning, and the ability to measure values such as diameter, height, width, and thickness.

PIROBOTIK Measure is an integrated ready-made solution with high-resolution camera support, lighting equipment, and IO modules. We also create systems that automatically direct parts to OK or NOK stations based on the processing results. PIROBOTIK Measure is an application that can measure even parts that cannot have contour information extracted, such as polished or ground parts.

As a measurement technique, we use precise technologies that use all points instead of one or a few points and can determine the most appropriate line or circle.

In summary, "PIROBOTIK Measure" is a precise measurement system that meets basic measurement criteria such as repeatability, calibration, and reliability, and is more reliable, faster, and more traceable than systems measured manually with measuring instruments.

Measurement (2D - 3D)
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  • Measurement Techniques
Measurement (2D - 3D)

Measurement (2D - 3D)

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