Robot Positioning

Robot Positioning

High-precision robot positioning system

That uses Pi Robotik's 2D and 3D image processing technology to accurately determine the position of objects and parts. This system is commonly used in various industries for tasks that involve series manufacturing.

The accurate transmission of information about the position of a part is important for correctly positioning the robot in the workspace and completing downstream processing steps.

The text goes on to explain that the system has various applications, including pick-and-place operations, where the system can recognize the features of a test part to determine whether it should be moved and where to place it. This can be used in automated palletizing and depalletizing, as well as in processing. The text also describes how the position of a part is determined using image processing software, and how the system can be used in component manufacturing. Finally, the text explains how a 3D in-line measurement technology is used to measure the position and location of a part, and how the robotic positioning system can be used to correct subsequent processing steps using a measurement robot program.

Robot Positioning
  • Robot Positioning
  • Pick&Place Application
  • Image Processing
  • Component Manufacturing
Robot Positioning

Robot Positioning

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